Our Speciality

Certified diamonds are our speciality and we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with this precious stone. Adam Bicknell is a Certified Diamond Grader of the "HRD" (Diamond High Council - Hoge Raad voor Diamant) and a Polished Diamond Grader of the '"IGI" (International Gemological Institute), two of the highest independent diamond grading laboratories in the world. Adam's professional opinion on diamonds is very well- respected and renowned.

As we are one of only a very small amount of jewellers based in theBirmingham Jewellery Quarter that has its own in-house certified diamond grader. This gives you, the customer, more reassurance that the diamonds being used are of the very highest standard.

Phoenix Cut™

We are the only Jewellers in Birmingham to offer the exclusive range of Phoenix Cut™ rings and jewellery. The Phoenix Cut™ diamond with its 89 perfectly polished facets is cut from the finest selection of pure white diamonds, this allows more light to pass through producing amazing brightness and sparkle. This makes the jewellery very special when compared to other precious stones, shop for Phoenix Cut™ diamond jewellery.

Our diamonds are conflict-free

Conflict Diamonds, or blood diamonds, are uncut or rough diamonds used by African rebel movements or their allies to finance conflict aimed at undermining legitimate governments. Thankfully, the number of conflict diamonds have always been very small.

Bicknells never knowingly source diamonds that we believe have come from these combat zones which have fuelled and funded a civil war and gross abuses against the civilian population.

Any of our diamonds sourced from Africa have the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) as proof that they are conflict-free.We aim to only use high quality diamonds, inspected by our in-house certified diamond grader.

Our White Sapphires 

Bicknells ethically sources beautiful white sapphires as a replacement centre stone to any of our diamond solitaire rings. Each stone is hand picked to provide you with the best colour and clarity to be the highlight of your ring. 

If you have any questions regarding our high quality certified diamonds, or our specialist Phoenix Cut™ diamond jewellery, please don’t hesitate to get in touch here.