Jewellery Insurance Claims


We understand you wish to replace your lost, stolen or damaged jewellery as soon as possible. Bicknells can support you if the unfortunate event does arrive. 

It is always a good practice to follow various precautions when purchasing jewellery. This would include declaring your valuable jewellery to your insurer as soon as possible. Update your declarations regularly, especially with expensive purchases that could be a major loss financially. Proof of purchase is always necessary when determining insurance pay-outs. Keep receipts as a general rule of thumb, and valuation certificates will also help in the long run. Generally, the business will have most of a customer's information on record for such events, but independent action is a good start in making an insurance claim. Lastly, take images of your jewellery, and of anything that is wrong with the item. Damages, or lack thereof, can be crucial in your efforts. 
Follow this advise to ensure your jewellery is legally covered for insurance claims.   

Of course, as jewellery manufacturers, you will get greater value for money. We sell or replace at manufacturer prices, not retail prices. When jewellery is lowered in quality over an amount of years, it is best to contact the jewellers you initially purchased from. That company will better understand your enquiry, and will be better suited to fixing an issue. Please get in contact to discuss your options in making an insurance claim, or with jewellery repairs.

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