When making any purchasing decision at Bicknells we want you to be confident with your choice. To make you better informed, understand what you are buying and to fully appreciate your selection, we offer some simple, but valuable guides. Using the links on this page, you can discover the following information;

Diamond and the 4C's

An introduction to what the "4C's" of diamonds mean. Before making your choice of diamond, we want you to know that there are a few factors to consider which will determine the look and price of your diamond. These factors are commonly known as the "4C's" and are mentioned in more detail in our link "Diamond and the 4C's". Although don't worry and feel that you need to learn all the "4C's" information before buying a diamond as we will support you throughout. This guide is just to give you a better understanding and help you appreciate what makes a diamond so special and beautiful.

Diamond Shapes

Diamonds come in a number of different shapes and we take a look at the most popular and what they represent.

Diamond Certificates

Why diamond grading certificates are important and give you peace of mind when purchasing your diamonds.


A look at  precious and semi precious gemstones and their meanings, most desirable colours and durability.


Where pearls come from, what types are available, their shapes and the best lustre to look for.

Metals and Hallmarks

The precious metals of gold, platinum, palladium and silver. Also, learn why hallmarks are used and what they mean.

Cleaning Jewellery

Tips on how to clean your jewellery at home along with a safety guide to cleaning gemstones.

For more information

Hopefully these guides will give you a good, clear insight into jewellery. If you have any further questions, then please feel free to contact us.