Getting engaged?

Getting engaged?

The Ring

Choosing a diamond engagement ring is the sign of a 'promise' between a loving couple and the first steps to marriage and commitment. You can find an extensive range of beautiful diamond engagement rings to suit all tastes including halo and three stone rings in our Paris collection.

Extrovert or Introvert?

Planning a proposal is all about knowing your partner. Do they love being the centre of attention, or are they more introverted? Will they want to be surrounded by friends and family at the big moment, or would they prefer an intimate setting? It can be tough to control who is present if you’re making last minute plans, so start planning early. Decide who you want to have at your proposal and make sure you get to them before they’ve made other plans. If possible, try to avoid spilling the beans to anyone you’ve invited. You don’t want someone to spoil the surprise!

Party or Peaceful?

You can opt for an intimate setting, but that can be hard to pull off on New Year’s Eve. If your idea of romance doesn’t involve dozens of drunken friends, avoid the typical New Year’s Eve parties. Instead, suggest a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant.

On the other hand, some people can’t wait to show off their new bling, so a party full of friends and family could be the perfect venue. If you and your better half will be celebrating out on the town, plan accordingly. Check out the venue beforehand and try to find a spot where you can have a little privacy amidst the New Year’s chaos. Also, remember to refrain from more than a few glasses of wine or champagne until after the proposal – you will want this to be an evening to remember, after all.


How will you do it? Over-the-top proposal involving a flash mob or some other extravagant way? Many partners may just prefer a simple “Will you marry me?” If you’re proposing to a traditionalist, don’t forget to ask one or both of the parents for permission or their blessing before the proposal. Lastly, get down on bended knee. It’s romantic and traditional; have you ever seen a picture-perfect proposal where the guy was standing?

There’s nothing quite like ringing in the New Year as newly engaged fiancés. With a built-in countdown, take the opportunity to propose to your loved one, with the whole world celebrating alongside you. As the bells ring out at midnight to welcome in the New Year it’s the perfect time to propose.