What are Wedding Ring Profiles?

What are Wedding Ring Profiles?

There are many different profiles of wedding rings. Choosing the right one is always going to be a matter of taste. But before seeing the options, you need to know exactly what a profile is.


What is a Wedding Ring Profile?

Simply put, a wedding ring profile is the shape of each ring. These differences may only be small, but each profile has its own name and distinct style. 


D Shape
The D-shaped wedding ring offers the most traditional silhouette, with a soft curve to the exterior of the ring, making it more prominent and noticeable on the finger. The clean flat interior of the ring provides a close fit, that some find more comfortable than the court style ring that would provide a similar profile. 

d shape

The Paris wedding band is one of the more unique options available on the market. It combines the beautiful rounded exterior, with a slightly rounded interior to provide a close and comfortable fit.


Paris Groove
Elegant and refined, the Paris groove cut ring is a popular modern look at present. The small groove adds depth and dimension, creating an element of interest to the eye on an otherwise clean plain band.

paris groove

Flat Court
The flat court wedding band offers the clean modern look of a flat band, but with a curved interior, which some customers find a more comfortable fit. The flat band offers a lovely gender-neutral option, with clean lines and a minimalistic feel.

flat court

The beautifully crafted bevelled wedding band adds a simple element of geometry to the edge of your band, highlighting its flat exterior, whilst being comfortable to the wearer through its rounded interior. This provides a polished overall look to your ring making it the perfect choice for day to day wear.


Modern and minimalistic the flat style ring is on-trend at present with its innovative fresh look. The flat interior and exterior of the flat wedding band provide a gender-neutral look, with clean lines rather than curves.


The concave style wedding band is a must for those looking for something unique and innovative. The band style is both modern and bold, with those on a budget finding it to be a worthwhile option due to the concave nature reducing the overall weight of gold needed for the final design.


Full Court
This stunning full court wedding band offers an understated elegance as just a plain band or in compliment to an engagement ring. The slightly rounded interior and exterior provide a beautiful clean look, whilst also providing a comfortable fit for your finger.

full court


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