What is Diamond Carat Weight?

What is Diamond Carat Weight?

When browsing a selection of diamonds, carat weight is always going to be one of the main points of price reduction or increase. If you purchase anything in life, the bigger it is, it will sometimes mean it will be more expensive; diamonds are no different. Carat weight relates to the weight of the diamond, simply put. The higher the number, the larger the stone.

What Are The Different Diamond Carat Weights?

While there is no specific limit, a lot of the larger sizes of diamonds are balanced out by colour, clarity, and cut. Shoulder diamonds are usually in clusters and at a smaller carat weight to appear in a larger quantity, while solitaire (single stone) diamonds are centered and larger. However, the size of a diamond can vary for everyone and is simply a matter of preference. The possibilities for cuts and carat weights are vast, so there is no contemporary choice for a diamond's weight. 

It is important to remember that a lower diamond carat weight does not indicate lesser quality. The size of a diamond has no bearing on its condition. Below are some examples of what to expect when identifying carat weights.
*These are estimated examples and do not reflect actual sizes.*

Diamond Weight chartAs shown, the weight of a diamond (or any other stone for that matter) can vary largely. When choosing your ring, you must also take the clarity, colour, carat weight, and cut into account. For more information based on colour and clarity, click here

Whether you want a larger diamond or a smaller diamond, the best way to purchase your ring, or any piece of jewellery, is to calculate your budget before anything else. This way, a member of staff can tailor their recommendations to you based on their knowledge of jewellery. Trustworthy jewellers will always give options and information to help you decide.