What is a Diamond Cut?

What is a Diamond Cut?

There are many cuts of stones available at any jewellers. The most popular cut of diamond, gemstone, or artificial diamond, is the round brilliant cut. It's a classic cut that has lasted for generations. There's a reason it's so popular, and that's due to its timeless look. The perfect 360 degree shape reflects light and is instantly recognisable. 

All other cuts are not as frequently used, but are still tremendously popular. Included in the list are a few other diamond cuts:  princess cut, pear cut, oval cut, marquise cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, radiant cut, asscher cut, heart cut, baguette cut, trillion cut.

Lesser known stones that not all jewellery shops will include in counters are listed as such: fine round, half rose, ball, square, table, rectangular, eight corners, trapeze, drop, fine round, can, rose, navette, rectangular, octagon, pendeloque, scissor, step, ceylon, french, and many more.  

A rare cut of diamond that is exclusive to Bicknells is the phoenix cut. A very small amount of jewellers supply phoenix cut diamonds, and we are the only jewellers to provide them in the Jewellery Quarter. This particular cut is rectangular shaped, with its 89 perfectly polished facets cut from the finest selection of pure white diamonds. This allows more light to pass through producing amazing brightness and sparkle. 

Whether you're looking for something more traditional or a diamond that is wholly unique, Bicknells provides a range of various diamond and gemstone cuts to choose from. To start looking, browse our diamond engagement rings. Don't find a cut you're looking for? Contact us on 0121 523 3417 or on WhatsApp on 07453 362247.