What is a CAD Design?

What is a CAD Design?


When searching jewellery stores, there can always be the moment you realise you haven't found what you're looking for. Maybe you've seen a few pieces of jewellery here and there that you've been interested in. But, nothing has really caught your eye. This is where Bespoke Jewellery Services come into play. 

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What Does Bespoke Design Mean?  

Bespoke jewellery is something not every jewellers will accommodate. Luckily, Bicknell's is one of the only jewellers in the Jewellery Quarter to have a customisable bespoke jewellery service. When we speak of bespoke jewellery, this is for customers who would like an item that is unique and custom made. Whether that being a piece combined with another to create a brand new item (For example, taking the stone from an engagement ring to be put into a pendant.) or, there can be a wholly new piece of jewellery designed from scratch with your direct input. This brings us to our next section.


CAD Design and How it Works

CAD stands for computer-aided design. Here's how it works:
You meet us in our store in Birmingham. This is where you will tell us exactly what you're looking for. If we don't have anything in-store that matches your wishes, we will then commence with note taking and rough sketches. This gives us and our workshop staff members an idea of what you want for your jewellery design. Our showroom staff can talk you through how you'd like your perfect item to look, and within up to 5 working days, your 3D model will be ready to view! Please note that this would only be a verbal consultation, and not a Bespoke/ CAD building appointment. If this all sounds good, click here to book your CAD appointment today.

 CAD Engagement Design


If you'd like to check our in-store catalogue, click here. Bear in mind that this is not a full collection. You will need to see us in our Jewellery Quarter store for our entire selection. Contact us on 0121 523 3417 or on WhatsApp on 07453 362247for more information.