Top 5 Unique Sapphire Jewellery Items

Top 5 Unique Sapphire Jewellery Items

September's Gemstone is Sapphire. Today, we'll go over our top picks for the 5 most unique sapphire jewellery items, all of which are available in-store or online for next-day delivery. Please bear in mind that our choices are purely opinion based.

5. Sapphire and Diamond Pendant 

18ct White Gold Oval Cut Sapphire & Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds Pendant with an 18ct White Gold 18 Inch Curb Chain. With its distinct look, it's hard to miss this amazing pendant. 

4. White and Blue Sapphire Ring

Emerald Cut White Sapphire and Round Brilliant Cut Blue Sapphire Surrounds set into a Platinum Ring. The contrast of the all-sapphire ring makes this a very unique piece. 

3. Diamond and Sapphire Bracelet

Round Brilliant Diamonds and Sapphires set into not 1, but 2 Rows as an 18ct White Gold Bracelet.

2. Sapphire and Diamond Dress Ring

Gorgeous Pre-Loved Sapphire and Diamond Dress Ring with an Oval shaped Sapphire Centre Stone. Round Brilliant Diamonds and Baguette Cut Diamonds are set into the wide White Gold Band flawlessly. 

1. Diamond Sapphire Earrings

White Diamonds and Blue Sapphire Cluster Earrings. A cluster of White Oval Diamonds and Blue Sapphire stones creating a unique shape. Paired together to beautifully shimmer as earrings, they truly are a distinct piece.  
Did you agree with our choices? If not, have a look at all our sapphire jewellery and let us know which you think should be on the list.