Shopping On Social Media

Shopping On Social Media

Online shopping can be a challenging process. Whether you're shopping through huge suppliers, like Amazon or Ebay, or you want to go through a more personal option, buying straight from a vendor or vendor's website, there are many decisions possible. 

Social media is a great gateway to find a vendor's products. Here at Bicknell's, we have three main social media channels for advertising our product range: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. 


Facebook is widely known for housing its shopping marketplace. This is where people can sell their goods that they no longer require. Another part of the Facebook marketplace is a store's individual shop page. This directly links to the page's website. The product quantity will remain the same as on the website, but it may be more difficult to navigate and find what you're looking for. On posts, there is also a product tagging options. When this pops up on a post, you'll be able to see the price and product name, instantly clickable for easy purchasing.

facebook shopping


With Instagram being a mobile-centered application, the store is only accessible when using a mobile device. You will not be able to access a store's page on a desktop, unless you click on the link in the bio of an Instagram page. Likewise to Facebook, all products will be available to view on Instagram, with the same post product tagging feature available. This also relates to stories and reels. 

Instagram shopping  


With a simple storefront, it's easy to shop for products on Pinterest. Like other social medias, the prices are displayed along with product photos. Links can be added to individual posts to have an instant click open up a page on a website. Or, the option for product tagging is also available. 

Pinterest Shopping


Click here to go directly to our website to see everything that we sell. Social media stores can be limited and not as extensive as a website, so be sure to check a company's direct web page before making any decisions on your purchase. We provide next-day delivery for anything not custom made.