Jewellery Store Gift Ideas

Jewellery Store Gift Ideas

If you want to buy something special for someone, look no more, as we'll give you a few ideas.


Secrid Wallets

For a unique and affordable gift that any wallet lover will enjoy, the secrid wallets are a large selection of different styles and colours that feature easy to use, patented technology allowing you to access cards instantly, and keep them safe and secure when you don’t need access. Secrid wallets also come in a range of materials and colours, meaning that you can carry around an extension of your personality, as opposed to ‘just a wallet’.

secrid wallet

Silver Gemstone Jewellery

We sell a wide range of silver jewellery with each gemstone available. What's great about this selection is that the pricing is extremely affordable for anyone looking for a nice luxury present. Click here to check it out. 

ruby gemstone silver

Constellation Pendants

For people who enjoy star sign meanings and spirituality, constellation pendants are the perfect gift. Each pendant has the star constellation associated with the sign. Of course, with each month, there's a star sign attached to it.

Constellation Pendant

White Ice & Silver Jewellery

While we aren't a primary seller of silver jewellery, we still sell an extremely small selection. Yet, the white ice collection still holds a few excellent pieces that are affordable.

  Silver Ring

Geodes & Agate

The Large Agate Slice Collectibles are a one-off, exclusive purchase - you will not find the same agate slice pattern anywhere else! It has unique shapes and stunning crystal detail that will undoubtedly become a firm favourite in your collection. 
Another gift idea is the genuine crystal geode formation. There exists only one uniquely shaped geode here; no geodes have the same crystal formation. 

Amethyst Geode


We have Men’s Cufflinks for weddings as well as day to day wear, on top of our range of novelty cufflinks; the perfect birthday, Christmas and Father's day gifts! All of our men’s cufflinks are made from high quality materials; adding that perfect finishing touch to any smart look. And Bicknell's Wedding Cufflinks are a wearable, sentimental addition to your big day.

Best Man Cufflink

Cleaning Products

Maintaining your jewellery by cleaning it is an important part of keeping your pieces looking brand new. Here, we offer the tools to assist you in this process. With lots of different choices, it could be a nice surprise for someone to get a cleaning cloth or ultrasonic jewellery cleaner. 

cleaning product