How To Find Your Ring Size At Home

How To Find Your Ring Size At Home


Measuring finger size is important when picking out your ring. If you're not sure on your finger size, you could end up buying a piece of jewellery that is loose or too tight. Before measuring your finger, consider coming into our store in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter to have your finger sized by a professional.
Alternatively, to find out at home, read below.

Range of Sizes

Before starting on measuring, you will need to know the possible sizes. There are a total of 32 sizes on a standard measuring stick. For reference, most jewellers will use this range when measuring any ring. Some sizes will be extremely unlikely for the average person; these sizes will include the absolute smallest sizes (A–G) and the largest sizes (Z+2 to Z+6-beyond). As a reminder, these are not abnormal sizes. People's finger sizes will always be different.
It's best to know the possible sizes before entering a jewellery shop, as you will understand the sizes of in-the-counter items. 

Ring Size Circumference
Ring Size Circumference
Ring Size Circumference
A  37.8 L 51.2 W 65.3
B 39.1 M 52.5 X 66.6
C 40.4 N 53.8 Y 67.8
D 41.7 O 55.1 Z 68.5
E 42.9 P 56.3 Z+1 70.1
F 44.2 Q 57.6 Z+2 71.3
G 45.5 R 58.9 Z+3 72.2
H 46.8 S 60.2 Z+4 73.5
I 48.0 T 61.4 Z+5 74.8
J 48.7 U 62.7 Z+6 76.0
K 50.0 V 64.0 Z++ Variable


Printable Finger Size Measuring Sheet

To assist you in finding your finger size, we have created a customisable measuring sheet to be used and shared. Although this should not be used as an alternative to a professional finger sizing, this is a quick and easy way to measure your finger in the comfort of your own home. 

Ring Sizer Chart

Click here to download our Finger Size Measuring Sheet


Still Unsure?

We always recommend having your ring measured by a professional. If you are unsure on your finger size, come into our store. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in measuring your finger, and then in helping you purchase the perfect ring for you. Call us at 0121 523 3417 for more information, or message us on WhatsApp at 07453 362247.