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Cleaning Your Jewellery

Caring For Your Diamonds

One of the most convenient methods of cleaning your diamond jewellery is to use mild washing up liquid mixed with lukewarm water: normally 1 part washing up liquid to 20 parts water. You should leave your diamond jewellery to soak for approximately half an hour. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush and gently clean the item, making sure you also clean behind the setting itself. Make sure that when doing this, you use a bowl filled with warm water and do not clean your diamond rings or diamond jewellery over an open sink. When finished, simply dip the item in some cold water and pat dry with a clean soft cloth.

Caring For Your Jewellery – The ring mount & other jewellery pieces

Most gold and platinum jewellery can be cleaned with warm soap water and a soft toothbrush. We do not recommend abrasives, as this can cause scratching.

 Always bring your jewellery in on a regular basis (every 6-9 Months) for a full clean and check, this is normally free on all our pieces with proof of purchase and will usually allow us to advise you prior any issues that may arise.

Gem Set pieces

Don’t keep diamond pieces stored together – they are likely to scratch each other.
Some stones can be quite porous and you should therefore avoid immersing them in water for too long, e.g. opal and turquoise.

Some semi/precious stones can also be damaged by sunlight, including amethyst, aquamarine, beryl, opal, citrine, rose quartz and smoky quartz. Take care to protect these stones from direct sunlight when they are not being worn.